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  • Whole Facility Cleaning – If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in a while and you want to give your facility a fresh new look, we can provide whole facility carpet cleaning.

  • High Traffic Cleaning – Every business has high-traffic areas that see substantially more wear than the rest of the carpet in the building. If you’re having a problem with high-traffic areas looking worn out, set up regular cleaning services to extend the life of your carpet.

  • Spot Cleaning – If you’ve had a spill that has caused unsightly stains, our spot treatment services are an effective way to get your carpet back to normal without breaking down its fibers.

  • Carpet Deodorization – Over time, carpet absorbs odors and these odors can be very difficult to remove without the proper equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional-strength carpet deodorizers can neutralize even the toughest odors—eliminating them at the source.

  • Carpet Protection – After we have cleaned your carpets, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protection solution that helps your carpet resist spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear. Our carpet protection solution essentially creates a shield around your carpet fibers that make it more difficult for dirt or fluids to infiltrate.

Our expert carpet cleaning methods are the best way to take care of unattractive stains in your carpet. Trying to clean stains without proper removal products can cause the stain to spread. Don’t create a bigger headache spending money on store bought cleaners that are only partially effective. Your carpet is expensive and should be cared for correctly. Our professionals have experience removing deep stains in tough areas with our special cleaning methods and equipment.

Encapsulation Cleaning (Bonnet Cleaning)

This method works by using an encapsulation or crystallization technique alongside a soft bonnet to remove stains. Encapsulation works to eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking. The crystallizing polymer encapsulates soil so it can be extracted with routine vacuuming. There is no sticky residue so it can't attract soil. What you'll see is incredibly bright and clean carpet, day-in day-out.  We recommend Encapsulation cleaning for:

  • Maintaining the look of your carpet 

  • High-traffic areas like commercial buildings and offices.

  • Common areas that require extra attention.

VCT Strip and Wax

Our results are above the rest because we care about high quality and doing the job right. We use premium quality wax with a high percentage of solids to create longer lasting and more brilliant shine with a “like new” appearance.


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