What sets us apart?

       GFS Servco has provided scheduled maintenance programs in Texas and beyond for more than 16 years.

Our standard contract offers tile and carpet maintenance as part of a full-service janitorial package—and green cleaning is near the top of our priority list.

But what really makes us the company you need?

The extra service options we can provide are what set us apart from the rest. Any contract with GFS Servco can be customized to meet the individual needs of your property.


Our secret weapon?

The janitorial company we built around a specialized service provider, and a time-tested quality control checklist that proves successful because we only employ the best and most well-trained full time staff. That’s right, no temps or part time employees.
From custodians to management, every employee at GFS Servco is a key player.
The relationship with our customers is built on trust, efficiency, and consistent results that bring out the “Wow!”

GFS Servco eliminates the inconvenience of scheduling multiple vendors to provide the services your property needs.
One contact connects you with as many as five different trades. Imagine a building with the first three floors of glass spotless and clear of lawn debris and hard-water deposits, sidewalks and entryways looking fresh and clean as the day they were installed.
Now throw in a semi-annual window cleaning regardless of property variables.


Our in-house staff works with you to schedule your services on your choice of days each month, clearing your own personal schedule and allowing you to do what you do best while saving you time and money.

How do we save you money?
We pride ourselves on being a one-stop property maintenance shop.
We consolidate all the services property owners and managers already pay for.
This level of service is unheard of and the savings are unmatched.
You don’t need to look any further, because everything you need is already here.



Our Mission

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GFS Servco

24165 IH10 West Suite 217

San Antonio, TX 78257

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